Saturday, June 14, 2014

Last Minute Joy !

 All week long my husband has been
bugging me, "What do you want to
do this weekend?"  "Do you want to
go to PA?" "Do you want to go to CT."

You see he is a man always ready to go!

So last night I was doing some face book
time and saw that Kathie Lee Gifford & Frank
would be in Stanhope NJ signing their new
wine.  So I quickly got my fingers moving
to see how far, what else in the area etc . ..

Well, I did good!  hah  Turned into a fun day.

First stop I found on the Internet this
great little main street town and awesome
breakfast joint.  Stella G's Hackettstown


After an awesome breakfast we headed to Wild West City.
Yes, found this on Internet also.
Never even knew it existed, lived in NJ my whole life. hah
Here is my hubby heading into the Wild West hah
Everything was really authentic.


The Saloon

Hey Sheriff Let me out !

Yikes glad I didn't live in the Wild West

The Wild West Dress Shop

Indian Head Dress

Hubby spotted the bible

What's a western town with out a Black Smith

Cute little area where the children can mine Gold.

This was hysterical in person. A miniature wild west village.
You can't see it real well but they move and the
guy with his feet up in the air got hit by an arrow
and the other guy is getting one removed from his bum. hah

Can't have a wild west with out the camp fire area.

Sweet little church

Ten Commandments

Little School House

Inside the school house classroom.
I felt like I walked into Little House on the Prairie.

I cannot imagine riding from NY to CA in this baby.

This old Cowboy was incredible with the ropes.

Cute little pig snoozing away in the shade.

I like the wagon train.

After our time in the Wild West we headed
to see Frank & Kathie Lee Gifford at their Wine Signing.
On the way we passed a Scenic Overpass and it was amazing!

Here we are !

I have always been a huge fan of Kathie Lee,
I like that she is bold with her faith and
fought to save her marriage under
difficult circumstances.
Today was  a real surprise and
unexpected treat.


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