Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vacation Days, Graduations, PicNic's

Took a couple of days off work.

Purchased a new air conditioner and
had to make some major furniture
arrangements to fit it in the window so
the cord could reach.
Since hubby is still job searching he
was available to help.



I was exhausted and every muscle hurt. hah

Since we worked so hard on
Thursday - Friday was going
to be play, relax and enjoy day.

Woke up early and headed out
for breakfast.

Oh I love their Avacado Benie !

It was such a gorgeous day we headed down to
Pier Village. It is on the ocean and has shops
and food joints.

 After shopping we found  a nice bench, enjoyed the sun
and people watching. The ocean was beautiful also.

We shopped at Carter & Cavero.


I tried a sample of the Chocolate Balsalmic vinegar.
It was pretty good.


Hubby treated himself to some Fig Jam.


Then we headed home and I was going to
completely relax.  My Aunt lives next
door and has a nice deck.
Read a little Guideposts.  Love this magazine.


Saturday up early to do laundry.

Nice breakfast at our favorite diner.
I love their Avacado Benie.

Then we were invited to a free seminar.
It was really informative about healthy
living and eating. Dr Proodian is Armenian
like my husband and a Christian.
After the seminar it was time for a Graduation Party.
This guy here graduated.
I can hardly believe it, I have known him
since he was born.  Way to go Joseph!
He is off to college.
The party was wonderful blessed to visit with
so many friends and a special visit from
our dear friends Ian and Rosemary from
The food was fantastic these friends
know how to do it. hah
Grilled clams, salmon, strip steak,
chicken wings, all kinds of salads, hamburgers,
hot dogs, ice cream cake, chocolates
from England.   So good!
Sunday we went my mother-in laws
annual Armenian picnic.
More yummy food.
The Der Hayr or Armenian Priest.
The guy in red is my hubbies cousin Greg.


This is Chris, my husbands cousins Adrienne's husband.
He is a great guy who does a lot of the cooking.

This is Linda my sister-in-law, Adrienne hubby's cousin
and Mary Alice friend of the family.

Here are all the guys working hard at the grill.
Lamb, chicken, Lula Kebabs, rice pilaf, grilled tomatoes & peppers.
Bobby, Brian, Arto & Robbie. My husbands cousins.
My mother-in-law Mary standing, Alissa, Cousin Harry &
Cousin Donna.
Folks doing their Armenian Dancing.  Hubby is going to teach me.
So watch out next year!

A good friend of my husbands family Ruth.
My favorite part of the food is the grilled veggies.
So delicious.
Had a great time and headed home.
Tonight is hubby and my favorite food network show.


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