Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Weekend - Day One

Labor Day Weekend - Day One !

Up early to head to Stormville Flea Market.

But we need breakfast first right!

Hubby found a place in Cold Springs NY
It is on the way to the flea market.

The food was so good!
And I made good choices YEAH

While we were in cold springs I just had to walk down
by the Hudson.  So pretty

Beautiful sunflowers along the way

Then off to the flea market
Oh my word it is huge.

We walked my legs off.

I deserved an Arnold Palmer - so refreshing.

I did pick up this adorable bag. $ 10.00 love it.

Then to Hobby Lobby
Hubby found a treat for himself.
Oh good Lord ! hah
K-mart right next door. I never find anything in
K-mart by our house.  But WOW I did great up here.
They had great sales. 

Nice pair of black and white polka dot capris and
a nice pair of lime green jeans.

Then we ended up at Cracker Barrel for a great meal.

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