Sunday, August 7, 2016

Jamestown NY Trip

Hubby and I headed up to Scarsdale
to meet up with Mom, Mary and sister
Linda for a vacation to Jamestown NY.

The ride was just beautiful with all the
mountains and trees. 

Linda is a trooper and did all the driving.
She did an awesome job and got us all there and back safely.

It was a long drive but we had a lot of fun.

We couldn't go hungry with Mary in charge of our
travel snacks

Had a little competition between hubby
and Isabel (Linda's iphone helper)

We aren't sure who won while Isabel
was often right on the money - Gary
pressed on with his AAA map replies hah

We stopped for a quick bite at

Had some excitement as we all learned
a lot about this new law ~ oh gosh !

Almost there ~  19 miles to go . . .

Along our journey Linda brought some good cd's
so we enjoyed some Frank Sinatra.

Then we arrived !

Checked into our hotel.
Had a very nice room.


The hotel had some Lucy memorabilia in the lobby.

Hubby and mother-in-law Mary in hotel lobby.

Hubby loved these trees in our hotel yard so I snapped
a photo for him.

Off to town to check it out.

We passed one amazing Lucy mural after another.

Painted by local artist Gary Peters

Job Switching 1952


Lucy does a TV Commerical "Vitameatavegamin. 

California, Here We Come! 
1,800 square foot portrait

After some investigating the town we headed back to our
hotel for a bite.

We had a Bob Evans next to our hotel so we took a quick
walk over.  They have good food at reasonable prices.

Hubby had the Chicken & Noodles
(looked delicious but to many carbs for me : )

I had one night a delicious Chicken Pecan Salad
(minus the rolls - no carbs:)

Then the next night I had flounder
I had green beans not carrots

Up early for breakfast at the hotel
we had a big day ahead of us.

They had a nice selection. Fresh coffee 24/7
which was so nice.  Enjoy a cup of decaf after
dinner : )

We headed back into town to try some of the
Lucy events. 

First stop Jamestown Gateway train station.

When you walk into the train station  lobby you run right
into this beautiful photo of Lucy. 

Lucy was just stunning

Hubby liked this neat clock

And this old soda machine

Linda enjoying the Lucy magic with a Lucy
fashion dress !

Hubby and I getting into the act:

Silent Auction ~ having some fun with the girls

Then we took a bus tour
This young man was our tour guide
He was funny and shared a lot of jokes

Lucy's childhood home  
59 Lucy Lane (Formerly 8th St.), Celoron

Lucy was an adorable little girl

Lucy's grave site Lake View Cemetery

Lucy's Father, Mother, Lucy and her brother.

We got a sneak peek at the new Lucy
statue that was officially unveiled the
next day. As we drove the bus tour
past the park they had the box with the
statue slightly open.

Lucille Ball Memorial Park in Lucy’s
hometown of Celoron, NY.
(Artist Carolyn D. Palmer)

She did a beautiful job

Had a nice lunch at Jones Valhalla
They are known for their bakery

Caesar with salmon.  YUMMY

Other miscellaneous sites in Jamestown

The Riverwalk

We visited the Museum and gift shop ~ Desilu Studios

We took a ride around Chautaugua lake.

It was beautiful and so big.

Next morning after breakfast we took a ride to Niagara Falls

We took the scenic route along Lake Erie

We passed fields and fields of grape vines
Wish we could have gotten a bunch for mother-in-law
Mary as she makes the best Dolma !


Took the interstate home and passed these buffalo's on
a hill - so cute  (photo taken from google you'll notice it is fall)
After some rest we drove back into town to check out the
Lucy festivities.
Chocolate Wrapping
Grape Stomping


Is that Desi?    գեղեցիկ (handsome)



And guess who made the local Buffalo paper?
What a crew hah

For dinner we took a ride to Bemus Point
It was such a pretty area.

Photo of the Casino restaurant where we ate dinner
We sat outside on the deck by the water.

The sun was setting and it was breezy and glorious

They had the oddest ferry ~ looked more like a floating
boardwalk than a boat hah

Back to our hotel in time for the Olympics opening ceremony.

We are a family cheering for two teams

Team USA

Team Armenia

Sadly, the next morning it was time to head home

The morning ride was spectacular as the low laying
clouds were amazing

Can you see them just hanging near the ground?

We had a great trip ~ BIG thank you to Linda for all her
planning and generosity. And to Mary who is a great
traveling partner.
We arrived home and these boys were quite happy.
While they loved Auntie Rose there is nothing
like Mom and Dad

Percy wouldn't not leave sleeping Dad's side

Judah was so happy he was completely relaxed
in Mom's office

And a BIG thank you to Aunt Rose who makes traveling
possible with her kitty sitting skills : )



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