Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's New Lately

Let's see what has been happening in our world . . .

Olympics ~ we really enjoyed them

We were delighted to see the Armenia team won a
few metals.

We went to 3 birthday parties this past weekend

This sweet girl turned 5
She is my great niece
This is a photo of her and her pop
(my brother in law Billy)

This is my sister Linda,  her Nana and Aunt Rose

Here I am with hubby, Aunt Rose, sister Karen
and my Mom.

I was in the baking mood. Found this cute idea on Pinterest.
They turned out cute - little sea turtles

I also made a few just girly

Then we had two birthdays on Sunday

Our friend Bob turned 50 and his son David is 13.

Then I hear it was National Dog Day
My sweet Sollie in Heaven

Busy life ~ Blessed life . . .

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