Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hair cut & mittons

Finally received my Olympic mittons. hah I know better late than never. But wow it is very cold this weekend in NJ so I think they are not too late. We got a "his & her" pair. Ordered them on ebay. My poor husband. He hasn't worn his yet. hah Wonder if he will ? hah I love mine. They are very warm. We are planning to take a trip to Vancouver in Sept, Lord willing, I want to see some of the Olympic locations. I really enjoyed it this year.

This is my new hair cut. Not a great photo but you can get the idea. I wanted a bob that was layered. I haven't had layered hair in years. I was sick of the same one length doo. hah
I like it. So much quicker to dry and style.


  1. I really enjoyed watching the Olympics this year too. At first I wasn't all that interested, but my Hubby got me hooked and I was sad when they were over!

    Yay for the new haircut! I think it looks awesome! :)