Sunday, December 12, 2010

Byers Choice Christmas

Hubby and I went to Byers Choice in PA yesterday. They had the Great,Great Grandson of Charles Dickens performing A Christmas Carol.  He was wonderful!  Amazing how he simply stood on stage with out props and basically told the story using just his voice and facial expression.  You were captivated. So neat to get to meet him. He told stories about Dickens and his writing.
Here's my  hubby on the way in to Byers Choice. They have a lovely little bridge from the back parking lot. It is quite long.  It looks like a Covered Bridge of the old days.

 They had a wonderful high school choir entertaining us while we shopped in the Byers Choice shops.
I bought the new one this year "Yes Virginia the Is a Santa Claus".  It is so sweet. I've always loved the meaning of that story.
 When you go through Byers Choice they have rooms and rooms of villages set up with the Byers Choice dolls.  This is the factory where they are manufacturered.

 Here I am at the entry way to Byers Choice.
 The grounds are just beautiful they have these two wonderful statues of children.  It truly is a happy place. It must be such fun to work there.

 I love the old stone houses in Buck County PA.  This little village had one and it looked so real.
 If you look closely at this one you will see the Byers Choice dolls are chef's.  Much to my husbands delight. He loves cooking (thank the Lord for me hah)  I bought him one of these little chef dolls for Christmas he is holding a huge mixing bowl.  He picked it out. hah
 And of course you can't have Christmas without the Nutcracker.  They had a huge shelf just full of them.
It was a blessed day.  If anyone is near enough to visit Byers Choice I would recommend it. It is really fun and so very festive at Christmas.


  1. That sounds like such a fun place!

  2. I just love Byers choice! I looked at some last week. I may starting to collect these. Thanks for the idea!