Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec 26th, 2010 NorEaster SNOW SNOW SNOW

We got  hit by a huge snow storm yesterday. A blizzard !  We have about 20 inches of snow.
I've never seen it this deep.  So thankful we are off work today. Could not imaging trying to venture out.
It is so pretty.  I love how quiet it gets when we have snow.  No hustle & bustle . . .

Here's my HERO!  My Hubby.  It was so deep my Uncle had to walk over (they live next door) and shovel snow so we could open our front door and get out. We were trapped. Being a bit claustrophobic didn't like the idea of being trapped in our apartment. hah

 These are our two cars.  Do you see them.  All you can see is one tiny antenna. 
 This is out street. Yes it is a major Highway.  The snowplows have been at it all night but hardly any progress was made.  No where to put all this snow in densely populated NJ. 
My plan is to snuggle in, work in my home office getting ready for 2011 files and organize it.  Watch some TV, read, eat ~ oh there are tons of things we can do homebound !

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