Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Dinner Concert - America's Keswick

Last night was my yearly "girls night out"  we head down to a wonderful place called America's Keswick. It is a Christian Retreat Center and also a Addiction recovery rehab  for men with all types of addictions. The men attend treatment programs and  learn about Christ and serving others.  They have been doing this for 86 years and there rate of success is remarkable !  They can do all things through Christ!  They are supported entirely by donations and this allows them to preach Christ.  Each man only has to pay $ 240 for the entire program.  Imagine that at a secular rehab.

They also raise money with retreats and concerts and all kinds of wonderful programs.  Every year I attend the Christmas Dinner concert.  The men of the colony cook and serve all the food.  It is so festive and just wonderful.  We had a delcious stuffed chicken breast, peas, carrots and a wonderful chocolate mouse dessert. After dinner we had the huge blessing to hear The Rick Webb family.  They were wonderful.  During intermission the men from the colony get up on stage and sing "Victory in Jesus" and one of the men give their testimony of how God has changed their lives from addiction to recovery and restored their marriage and families.  It is always so wonderful.  Keswick is a great place.  The grounds are just beautiful. There is a lake and you are in the woods.  Just so lovely. I am so thankful for a place like this that is rebuilding broken lives and families.  So thankful is is just 1 hour away and I can visit often.

Check out the website, it is a wonderful place to visit and go on retreat !

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  1. Sounds like a great cause! Addiction breaks my heart! I'm glad you had a great time!