Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday in Heaven my Solomon doggie

My sweet Solomon
Here on your 14th birthday I smile through the tears thinking of you today.
Oh how I wish you were here to take to Sonic or Stuarts drivin’s for “chicken fingers” & vanilla ice cream. Like we have in the past. We had planned it for months but the Lord needed you in Heaven. Gary and Mom miss you so much. I'd give anything to be with you to celebrate. I sure hope your being a good boy.
Sometimes I think I hear you growling or complaining as we liked to call it at an animals on the TV. Or I look real fast and swear I see you lying on the floor by Mom. Your absence is always near.
I miss you in my office faithfully lying by my feet, in the bathroom while I dry my hair wagging that tail a mile a minute because after I am done you knew it was outside time with Mom. I miss you lying beside my makeup table when I am getting ready for work. I miss you going down the stairs of our apt. twice each day 10,220 times I walked you down those steps in 14 years. From when you were a puppy going so fast and dragging Mom down to your senior years when Mom has to help you see each step and sometimes carry you down.
I miss you every time I go outside on our front steps where you would sit for hours with Mom – investigating the neighborhood. Watching Uncle Mike and the guys at the tire center work. Hitting me with your foot a hundred times for a scratch. Oh how you enjoyed that. I miss you when I walk into the bedroom and don’t see your “spare” cookie waiting for you. I miss you during dinner each night expecting you to bug us for our food.
I miss you looking over at me for a good word, because each bite you took of your food I would tell you what a good boy you were eating your dinner. You loved it - you would wag that tail and look over after each bite and wait for me to stay it. I miss the silly things you would do like wag your tail as if on queue when I asked you if you loved Mom, then drop it like lead when I asked you if you loved Gary. I miss you coming into the office every time Gary came in just to make sure Mom was okay. You never liked us to be alone. I miss coming into the apt and not having you greet me - you never missed a single day. I miss when you would get a belly ache and howl and howl until Mom took you outside. Often times I think you were playing just to get outside. I miss putting on your lease and fighting with you. You had to bite it and put it in your mouth. You had to carry it to the door. You had to be in CONTROL even if for a minute. I miss you running into the kitchen every time I opened a can of tuna. I miss you every time I go to Aldi’s and no longer buy your cookies or chicken breasts. I miss hearing Gary say "Sol, Gary will see you later" when he left for work. He never forgot to tell you.  I miss watching you enjoy Auntie’s yard and deck. Walking right in the middle of her flowers when she was planting them. I miss you banging on her door wanting to go in her house. I miss you crying like a baby at her gate when Mom would leave you at her house even for a minute. I miss you jumping for sheer joy when we told you it was time to go in the car. Especially when we went to grandmom's house. You loved going to see her. You never forgot about her no matter how long between visits. I think you liked the carrots Grandmom always spoiled you with. I miss you getting so excited to see your doggie sitter Shelly. You two had a special bond. I miss you going to the groomer whether it was Kathy, Hope or Melanie you always were the only doggie there sitting in his muzzle. And we all know why !  But miraculously those gals loved you and you won them over inspite of yourself. I miss kissing you on your head right in that same spot. I miss you roaming the apt with your baby duck in your mouth, filled with worry and anxiety as to where to bury it that day. You did this ritual every single day without fail.
I miss you every minute of every day Solomon ! But I will focus on all that you’ve given me and all that you’ve taught me. And the wonderful 14 years of memories the Lord blessed us with . . .
Unconditional love
Express Joy in everything
Living life to the full
Enjoying the small things
Appreciate each day before it is gone
We are sending these balloons your way today . . .
Mom’s taking great care of your duck. He miss you too . ..
Happy 14th Birthday in Heaven Sollie, we miss you and love you and look forward to the day when we see you again . . . xoxoxo

Your baby duck !  Mom has him hanging in a shadow box watching over him for you.

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