Monday, November 14, 2011

Pennsylvania Weekend

Hubby and I headed out on Friday for an adventure in PA.  Our first stop was for breakfast
at Cracker Barrel.  Nothing like Uncle Hershels breakfast hah


 We learned that Rachel Ray was visiting QVC so we decided to head over to QVC Studios and take the tour to see if we could see her. 

We took the 12 pm tour and we got to see Rachel along the way.  Gary was very happy.

Then we headed over to Byers Choice. I love seeing all the Christmas displays and the Dickens hallway.  Makes me feel like I am walking along in England.

I purchased this adorable Polar Bear.  I have two Byers Choice dolls a boy and girl. This little guy will go well with them.

Then we were off to Lancaster PA. 

We stayed at the Cherry Lane Motor Inn.  It was nice. We could hear the clip clop, clip clop of the
horse and buggies going past our window.

We were exhausted so we had a quick dinner at Bob Evans.

The next day was all about Outlet shopping.  We walked and walked and walked some more.

We had an early dinner at Ruby Tuesday because we had tickets for a great Gospel show at 6 pm.

Ivan Parker, Triumphant Quartet and The Hoppers.

The show was fantastic. They were all wonderful. It was held at a beautiful Baptist Church in Lancaster.  It started at 6 pm and it was going strong at 9:30.  Gary and I were exhausted and decided to leave at the intercession. I bet it went on until 11 pm.  We laughed because the audience had many seniors and they were staying to the end.  But we were wiped out.

Up early on Sunday to drive home but not before a great breakfast at Jennie's Diner. I was excited to order scrapple - brings back memories of childhood. My wonderful Uncle Bill use to make homemade scrapple for us. His was great. He use to put more cornmeal and less pig for me! hah

It was a wonderful long weekend . . . we count our blessings . . .

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  1. Glad you had an awesome time in PA. I'd like to go there someday! How charming!!! Covered bridges and buggies and horses.

    The concert sounded good too. They do go on quite a long time though and I know it gets tiring walking around a lot on vacations and long weekends.

    I love Rachael Ray! That is so neat that you got to see her.

    Have a good week Maryellen.