Sunday, January 22, 2012

My First Real Ballet

My mother-in-law Mary invited my hubby and I to the NYC ballet today.  It was my first "real" ballet. I've seen little local productions with children etc . . . But never an official ballet.
I did not know what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised.

The Ballet was at Lincoln Center - what an amazing theater. Our seats were on the 2nd tier but it felt like we were looking out of an airplane and there were 3 tiers over our heads. hah

This is the write up about the ballet. They can explain it far better than I could 

Beginning with a curtain welcome marking the occasion, this program will feature two of Balanchine’s most popular ballets. Mirroring Gershwin’s brassy melodies, Who Cares? is full of jazzy, syncopated rhythms and balmy, romantic duets. Union Jack concludes the performance with a spectacle of 74 dancers— a dazzling tour de force including sailors, music-hall humor, kilts, and clans.

It was really beautiful. I loved the beautiful colorful ballet outfits. I could not believe the size of the female dancers. They all looked like clones.  So tiny, so graceful, so petite, so precise.
I would go again, it truly was enjoyable.  Hubby liked the second 1/2 better than the first which was much more marching and performing than dancing.

I just love the ballet slippers. So beautiful  . . .

Hubby said he'd buy me a tutu if I really want one - some how on this 52 year old full figured women I don't think it would have the same affect hah   

But I could sport me a pair of those pink ballet slippers !    We'll just have to see . . .


  1. Last March my daughter and I went to the Oklahoma City Ballet. I had never been to one either and I couldn't believe it. A truly beautiful performance.

    So happy you came to see me! Always a JOY!

    Love, Rebecca PS: I changed my blog backgrounds today so next time you visit don't FREAK OUT! xo

  2. How fun!! Looks like you had a great time! :)