Saturday, January 21, 2012

When God shines a blessing on you

Today was the day I have been waiting for since my birthday in Oct.  My sweet hubby got us tickets to see Harry Connick Jr on Broadway because he knows I am a big fan.  Love his singing and acting.

Well, we woke up to this today - SNOW

We are about an hours drive to NYC so hubby being the wise Godly man that he is - said, not a problem we'll take NJ Transit. 
So off on the train we go!

The play was funny and Harry's singing was awesome.
I could listen to him croon for hours hah

Here are a few photos from the play.

Can't a gal get a photo opp with Harry
without this red head getting in the way? LOL

After the play hubby and I decide to walk a block to one of our favorite restaurants called 5 Napkin Burgers. But I needed to find a lady's room fast.  Hubby said the restaurant is only one block away can you wait?  Ah, no better not.  - So we head down a huge flight of stairs in the theater to the restrooms. There is a line in the lady's room of course so I wait and wait.  Finally mission accomplished now where is hubby?  I don't see him. Did he head back up those stairs? Should I go up? What if he is still in the men's room and I miss him.  What is taking him so long?  Finally out he come and up those long stairs we go.  Then we march through the left over crowd and out on the sidewalk. All of a sudden I hear hubby say, "Mare, there's Harry." Now it is dark, snowing, freezing and I'm saying "What?" "What did you say?"  Hubby, said again "Harry, right there next to you?"  Finally, I get it and turn around and sure enough Harry Connick Jr is two feet from me. I said "Get my camera, get my camera"

By the time I fumble and get it the crowd is now going nuts and pushing and shoving hoping for an autograph. But all this girl wanted was a photo. HAH

Well here you go:  Pretty good shots for a crushing crowd in the cold, snow and ice.

Then we head off to dinner. And I am just amazed. I start to think about the timing of this. If I had waited and gone to the ladies room at the restaurant we would have missed him.  If hubby had not taken his time, again we would have missed him.  I just know this was orchestrated by an amazing God of love who does things like this for me all the time.

Timing of God is perfect.

One time we ate at a restaurant that I really like called Kefi,  the chef, Michael Psilakis is on food network.   The whole time we are eating I'm saying to my hubby do you think he is here cooking etc ... Hubby says, well he owns the restaurant but I don't know how often he is actually here.  So we eat a delightful meal and head out to leave and I almost smack right into him as I am leaving the restaurant and he is walking in to work. It was so exciting that I got to see him after all.

 Timing of God is perfect.                  

If you ever have the chance to visit 5 Napkin Burger do it !

How does this burger look?   It is so good. I've been here about 5 times and they have always cooked it perfectly. 

Thankful for a wonderful blessed day.  A hubby who is so thoughtful and wise to get me these tickets and get me to NYC safely in a snow storm.  To Harry for singing his heart out.  To the cooks at 5 Napkins for never disappointing.  And finally to my awesome God who loves to bless my socks off.

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