Saturday, January 14, 2012

Phew Busy Morning

Hubby and I got up before the sun today !

What is it they say about the "early bird" . . .

First we stopped at my Auntie's to drop off a bowl that belongs to my dear friend Lillian.
She had made a delicious salad for last weeks Pot Luck and I was blessed to get to bring home
the leftovers. Hubby really loved it.

Then we headed to the bank.  Watch out ATM !

Next stop was for Gas.  Can't get to far on empty.

Off we go to drop off some sneakers I no longer needed. Got a new pair from QVC and they are the most comfortable sneakers I've ever found. They are so light. I wore them to NYC last week and my feet were so happy !  They are the Ryka for women sneakers.

Okay now to mail our bills !   (Has the sun come up yet?)

First ones to arrive at the laundromat - surprise surprise hah  Oh look it is now 7 am !

Yeah errands all done . . . now for some fun!

Breakfast at JB's and shopping at Walmart then home   . . .

We had a nice surprise at JB's. We pulled in at the exact time my Aunt and friend Lillian pulled in.
We got to have a nice breakfast together.  Totally a God thing!

Home sweet home - a ton accomplished and it is 10:30 am !  Way to go!

Now what to do . . . 

Some of this . . .

Maybe a little of this . . .

And most definitely this . . .

I have to rest up because a girls has got to be rested and ready for Saturday night dinner out!

We are deciding between these two:

Tonight hoping to watch some football!  

Early bird does get the worm and he sure gets a lot accomplished too!

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