Sunday, March 17, 2013


I hope you all are having a blessed St Patrick's Day.
I'm not Irish but I have many dear friends who are.
I grew up with neighbors who were from Ireland
(accents and all hah)

Lovely lovely people. 


My sweet hubby ordered us corn beef and cabbage
dinner from Shop Rite. They really make it good.
We had it last year also.


Today we saw a great movie at church
Time Changer
It was so good!


It is about a bible profession in the 1800's
who wrote a book and wants it published
with the blessings of his co-professors.
They all agree but one. He feels one
premise of the book is wrong.
You can't get by teaching morality without
telling people we are to live moral lives
because of Jesus.

So he is taken by a time machine 100 years
into the future.  He soon learns how
far "morality" without Christ has brought us.
Sin abounding.

We also have wonderful news of our next vacation.
We are going to:  Oahu !  Hawaii !

Oh I can't wait.  Bring on my Lei !


Looks like they have our chairs ready hah

Just so pretty.

We are going in April so it is not that far away !

Are you watching the bible series on TV.
It is good. I am enjoying it.
Can't wait until New Testament to see how they handle it.

Abundant Blessings,

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