Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Sunday

After church hubby and I headed into NYC.
Our favorite Vietnamese restaurant closed
and we have been "grieving ever since hah

We tried several places and the food is not at
all the same.

In doing his research hubby came across a
place in the Village in NYC that had photos
and they looked exactly like what we use to order.

So after church we headed into NYC to give
it a try.

Saigon Market 

Interesting enough they had a few of the same
staff and identical menu. We suspect it is
the same owners.
This is the Cha Gio or what we like to call it # 1

This is Bun Xao or # 78

We were in Heaven.  Tasted exactly like
what we remember.  OH LA LA

After eating we walked around the Village a bit
they had a street fair and also an Arts Festival.

These are a few photo from the street fair

Grilled corn

My hubby in red ball cap

Gotta love NYC
Texas Roadside Smoker hah
Cowboys making BBQ in the Village hah

This man made the neatest clocks

The don't allow you to take photos of the
booths which is understandable the artists
don't want their ideas copies.
Statue of Washington in the Park.

The view was spectacular of the Empire
State building but you can't see it with
my little camera.

OH my word ~ this place amazing !
Gelato ! ! !

Can you say:  Cioccolato Amorino
and Lemon  oh yes !
On they way home we have a great view of the
city before we head into the Lincoln Tunnel.
We had a blessed day !

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  1. Hi Maryellen...It looks like you had a great time in the city! Glad you two could get away and enjoy some special time together.

    John and I are going to Branson MO. in a few days to relax and get away...and I am looking forward to it!

    Enjoy your Labor Day!
    We will just be taking it easy!

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits