Sunday, October 27, 2013

Anniversary # 6

Today is our 6th anniversary
Hubby gave me beautiful flowers
and a lovely card.

After church we went to the
Rain Forest Cafe' for dinner.
This is the place Gar and I had
our first date.  9 years ago.

We have not been back since so
it was neat to go after all this time.

I love how the animals come alive every 10 - 20 minutes.
And every 1/2 hour their is a thunder shower.
Really a fun place and the food was good also.
Such a different on this "date".  First date I was so
nervous. I told Gary I like Calamari as appetizer and
I had never eaten it and was sure I would hate it.
(I ended up liking it after all)
This time completely comfortable after 6 years
of marriage ~ now I'd be sure to tell him, No I don't like
it. hah

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