Sunday, February 23, 2014

MP Taverna ~ Irvington NY

Finally made it to MP Taverna today.

Last week when we tried, they close from 3 - 5 and
we had to pass because of our theater tickets.
Today we had no other plans and headed there
for lunch right after church.

WOW was it good!


Start off with delicious bread and Greek olive oil

Then Greek salad - we both loved the dishes our
meal was served in from the bread dish to the
salad dish.

Here I am waiting patiently for my entrée.

Hubby ordered: Roasted Lemon Chicken dill & garlic
roasted fingerling potato. I've eaten Michael's chicken before
at his other restaurant Kefi's.  It is just so good.

Today I was determined not to order the chicken but
branch out and try something new. It did not disappoint.
CAVATELLI rock shrimp, zucchini, squash, feta, mint, garlic

Hubby's green tea !   He went crazy for this teapot.
It was so heavy you wouldn't believe.
The waiter said everyone comments on it.
Gar came home and looked it up on the internet
Only Gar - $ 30.00 cast iron Greek tea pot ~ I'm thinking
I may have this beauty in our home one day soon hah

I convinced hubby to order dessert. We NEVER do.
He gets too full with dinner - but I always have room. hah
God bless this healthy eater !  He ordered the grilled fruit.
Today was pineapple and it is grilled with feta and honey.
I "hate" and I mean "hate" the taste of honey. I have tried
it so many times but it makes me gag.  Hubby loves it.
Armenian desserts use a lot of honey also. I asked my
mother-in-law isn't there one Armenian dessert with
chocolate.  She cracked up and said NO.
I tried his pineapple but the honey was just too much. hah
But he gave it two thumbs up !

Most Greek desserts have honey so what was a girl to do?

Order chocolate ice cream of course.

The waiter said we give you 3 scoops do you want all
chocolate. I said throw one amaretto in there and two
chocolates hah  NO HONEY

Here I am contented, full and happy standing by the
Hudson River with the Tappan Zee bridge in the background.
Today it was 55 degrees.  Just one week ago it was like
photo number two below.  What a difference a week makes.

No ice or snow in the water today ; )
Thanks hubby for being persistent and we finally
made it for our valentines dinner.

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