Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Day Weekend Extravaganza

Since Valentines Day was on a Friday
we decided to celebrate over the weekend.

We did exchange our valentines gifts on
Friday evening.

Hubby bought me these beautiful roses.

I found this cookie jar of his favorite - FRED.

Saturday we stayed home and took care
of all our errands.  It snowed again so
we just snuggled in.
We picked up sandwiches for dinner so
we wouldn't have to venture out.
 Taliercio's has the best food.
Now I am a women who can eat 1/2 a sub at one setting.
(well not proud but true hah)  But not theirs. It is huge.
1/4 is all I can handle.

Sunday up early and off to church.
Gar was teaching his Sunday School kids and
I was principal.
After church we headed to our hotel in
Elmsford NY.  La Quinta
We had "free" tickets from our Broadway
club to see The Bronx Bombers on
Sunday night so rather then drive home
so late we booked a hotel.  Then figured since
we were off work on Monday thanks to
these two guys:
We'd make a day of it and head to upstate NY.
We checked into our hotel and had plans to eat dinner at
MP Taverna not to far from our hotel.  Then we would leave our
car and catch the train into NYC for the show.
Here's my hubby outside the restaurant.
It is owned by my favorite Greek Chef - Michael Psilakis

Well, we didn't realize the restaurant closes from 3-5 daily
so we could not eat there and still make our play.
We were disappointed but agreed we would try again soon.
We decided to still leave our car and hop on the Metro
North train, the Hudson line into NYC.
I took some photos while we waited it was just so pretty.
I have never ridden this line before and the view was spectacular.

You can see the NYC skyline just peeking up in the background.

Here comes our train.

Polar Express hah

Hubby resting up on the ride hah

Some photos out the train window

George Washington Bridge growing nearer

Arrived at Grand Central Terminal.
Headed towards the theater and figured we select a
dinner spot on the way.
We have winner !   Hubby hasn't seen the movie.
I know ~ I can't believe it either. hah
He is a huge fan of Tom Hanks too?
Fun place love the sneakers and chocolate. hah

So fun when you need the waiter you flip the sign
to STOP FORREST STOP ha ha and it works !

Oh my, this is what I had. Shrimp galore. 4 types.
Fried Shrimp, Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp Tempura,
Coconut Shrimp and fries.

Hubby chose Shrimp Scampi

Then our waiter gave us a trivia contest I told him
Hubby hadn't seen the movie. Guess who won the contest?

Hubby hah hah  He knew what canned vegetables come
together ~   peas & carrots.   He won a handful of mints
which he loves.
Then it was off to the show.
It was a theater in the round and we
had 3rd row seats.  You could see so well.
Billy Martin, Elston Howard, Derek Jeter,Joe Dimaggio,
Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra
BRONX BOMBERS is a new American play from the team behind Broadway's Lombardi, starring Peter Scolari ("Bosom Buddies", "Newhart") as beloved icon Yogi Berra, as we follow Yogi and his wife Carmen through a century of the team's trials and triumphs, bringing generations of Yankee greats together on one stage. As it celebrates and explores the timeless legacy of baseball's most iconic team, BRONX BOMBERS takes a fascinating look at how and why the Yankees have remained so undeniably great... and so powerfully inspirational!
Mickey Mantle talking to Lou Gehrig
It was magical !
Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra &  Derek Jeter

After the play it was a fast walk to Grand Central as it was
pretty cold.   Now I have worn the same boots since before
Christmas every time we go into NYC.  I have never had
a problem before. This time ~  blisters !  YIKES both feet.
By the time we got to the train I was in some pain.
Never been so relieved to sit down.
Up early and headed to Poughkeepsie NY to
Cracker Barrel and some shopping.
It was so pretty on the drive up.

The ice sickles this year are so beautiful.

Bear Mountain Bridge

Shopping at Walmart & Hobby Lobby
Then for the ride home ~ hubby needed warm

I needed COLD !  hah

It was a fun full blessed weekend.  Came home a took
a LONG nap.  I mean like 3 hours hah hah
P.S. the day before Valentines I had a baked potato.
Doesn't it look like a heart ?  hah

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