Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend ~ Sat 5/24

Saturday 5/24

Day started off with chores UGH

Actually we have met some lovely people at the laundry mat.
We all meet there every other Saturday bright and early ~
as in 6:30 am bright and early hah

Lionel, Maurice, Merrill are great guys and we just
chat and chat while we wait. Fun to catch up.

Then hubby and I go enjoy a nice breakfast.
Today I was in the mood for chocolate chip pancakes
with strawberries.  So good!  I cut them in half
and only ate 1/2 ~ tomorrow morning those will taste real good.

Then off to Harmon's with my coupons.
I love saving money.
This is the best polish.  It has absolutely changed
my nails and the polish lasts forever.
Time to cash in our coins.
Have you used this at TD Bank.
Its fun and makes it so easy.
No more days of counting and rolling them yourself. PHEW
Then off to Treasure Island Jewelry store to
sell some jewelry I don't want.
They are wonderful they even take costume jewelry.
Love getting some extra money instead of just tossing
it away.

Then we stopped at Buddy's Small Lots.
More Coupons ! ! !
Love browsing through the store finding treasures.
How great is this taco bowler maker.
They had two for $5.00.
Can't wait to give it a try and make an awesome salad.
Then off to Kohls ~ more Coupons
Loving my pretty pink faced watch
Hubby scored a nice sweater and shirt for an after coupons
price of $ 2.56 LOL
Time to pick up something for dinner.
I have worked at my job for 30 years across the
street is a Poultry Farm. I can smell the delicious
smells daily but have never stopped there.
Hubby and I decided to give it a try.
It was just delicious ~ we both agree !
 Tonight will be TV, relaxing, and nail polish.
Okay Day 1 Memorial Day 2014 so far so good !
But most important !

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