Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend - Sun 5/25

 Have a wonderful service at church today.
Sang a few patriotic songs ~ of course it brought
me to tears .  . .

After church we went with our friends
Mark & Maria to Van Saun Park.

It is a beautiful park.  We sat outside and
had a cold Dunkin Donuts drink and just chatted.

After we left hubby and I headed to Djerdan Burek.
A restaurant in Clifton NJ.

First time I had Burek.  I've had Sou Beoreg which
my mother-in-law makes delicious.
They come in 3 different fillings.
Cheese, Spinach and Meat.

They were out of spinach so we both enjoyed the meat Burek.

Looking forward to tomorrow as we will eat, shop and
visit family.

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