Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year 2015 ~ Steadfastness !


1. fixed in direction; steadily directed
2. firm in purpose, resolution, faith, attachment
3.unwavering, as resolution, faith, adherence
4.firmly established, as an institution or a state of affairs.
5.firmly fixed in place or position.
This is my word for 2015 !
I am determined to finally WIN this
war on weight.  I have struggled with it
since I was 10 years old.   45 years is long enough.
On Sunday Andy Stanley spoke on below.
Nehemiah  6:3
Andy Stanley -  Dec 2014
That One Thing
Use Nehemiah determination
A habit you must break  (over-eating)
A goal you must accomplish
A project you must complete
A relationship you need to restore
A relationship you need to end
A debt you must retire
Wouldn’t it be great to be “ done with it “ by the end of the year?
444 BC  Artarerxes 1st
King of Persia
Nehemiah asked for time off to help his people and restore the city
The King said he’d help him and make him mayor as long as when completed he’d return
Sanballet wanted to stop the building of the wall
He wanted to kill Nehemiah
Chapter 6:1-3
Verse 3 -  I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.
Climb up on the wall and complete the task
If I don’t give attention to “this thing” it has the power to destroy me.  (health)
Every day you look at the distraction, temptation and say above verse !
I have no idea what hangs in the balance if I don’t break this habit.

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