Sunday, September 11, 2011

Middletown Memorial Park - 911

Many folks in my town and surrounding local towns take the train into NYC to work.  On that horrible day we lost many lives.  I recall the awful sight of cars left in the train stations parking lot because horribly their owners were not returning.  The town has done a beautiful job of creating a memorial park.  There is a memorial stone for every person who perished.  It is a very peaceful park and you can stroll through and read about each person and see flowers and tokens of love left by family, friends and I'm sure strangers.

  Here are a few photos . ..

View as you drive to the station
 The entrance to the walkway
 The walkway and memorials
 A beloved man from my church who I spoke about in my last post.
 A neighbor who's home is across from the park had their own beautiful memorial
Our town will not forget . . .


  1. Just a beautiful park must have some wonderful people in your town! I love the fact that someone in New Jersey and someone in Arkansas can share Beth Moore and God's Word at the same time and be thousands of miles apart!! So neat!

  2. Help if you can!