Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 911

Where was I on 911? I was at my job when suddenly my co-worker stood up and yelled my God we are under attack. This dear man had a young daughter who worked in NYC. (Thank God we learned she was fine.) We had TV's in our cafeteria so we all ran to see. The shock and horror of it seemed surreal. After about an hour they told us to go home to be with our families because we really didn't know what would continue to happen. I remember thinking the sky is the most beautiful blue and the birds are singing it is a lovely fall day yet pain and horror are happening just an hour from my home. Would life ever be the same again? Being single at that time I was heading home to my apartment to see my dog. Sadly and much to my shame ( I am going to be honest ) I thought of food. You see food has always be a source of comfort for me. Driving home I go to McDonalds and I'm thinking this is horrible people are dying and I want to eat. When I get to McDonalds the drive thru line is wrapped twice around the building. I see that I am not alone in this addiction.Lord help and forgive us. I go on home and watch this horror unfold on TV. Praying and really being in shock I just watch.

I soon learn that a Godly wonderful man who attends my church was on one of the top floors. He is a dad of 4 children and soon to be a granddad. I remember going to his home for bible study. His wonderful grace in letting all us crazy women converge on his home every Friday when he is just returning from a long day in NYC and his long commute. He stands in the kitchen trying to grab a bite to eat before he has to rush his young son out to boy scouts. Always with a smile. Always with a warm greeting.

My gosh, did he survive this? In the days that follow I find out he did not. But a story soon unfolds to his widow that would bring her great comfort. It seems this dear Godly man had a nickname at work. The Preacher. Because he was always sharing the Gospel to his coworkers. Many would reject and tease him but he lovingly persisted. Well it seems on this day when faced with their own mortality - who did these dear people seek out. "The Preacher" Two survivors called his wife in the days that followed and told her that the last time they saw him he had gathered people around in a circle and he was witnessing to them and sharing Christ. Praying and comforting others. He was a hero of faith. Well done good & faithful servant.

The towns around my area have 911 memorials. One town has steel beams at their Firehouse from one of the buildings. We can never forget. I thank God for President Bush who also fought the good fight and kept us safe, who took this serious. Who made decisions that were not popular and took and will always take ridicule for those decisions. In time people forget, they forget the horror, they get soft, they move on. But unless we stay vigilant this and worse can happen. I pray we always have a leader in our country who won't forget. Who will take this serious and remember . . .

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