Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Husband !

Today is my sweet husbands birthday. 
And thanks to these two Godly men:

we were blessed to be off work and spend the day together !

We decided we wanted to go for a drive. 
Hubby loves upstate New York  so we headed out early
 to go to one of our favorite diners in upstate.
The Everyready diner.  Guy Fieri visited it on Triple D.

They have great food.  
Hubby who never needs to diet because he
is one of those folks who eating right comes naturally.
Decided on the greek omelette

I am trying to avoid salt (gotta get this BP lower ;)

 so I chose eggs, oatmeal and fruit.  


Oh so hard to enjoy an egg with no salt. 
Loaded it with pepper hah

Then hubby took me to my favorite store.
We don't have one in NJ yet so it is always a
huge treat for me to visit upstate NY and shop.

Hobby Lobby !

love that they play Christian music while I shop,
love that is supports ministries that are spreading the Gospel,
love that they are not open on Sundays,
love that they sell so many Christian items.

After we walked and walked and walked some more -

I was giddy, joyful and content hah

I got some really good deals. 

All items we purchased were 80 % off.

I purchased this whimsey cross -
 the colors match my home office perfectly.

Love this Fruit of the Spirit sign. 

Goes perfectly in my kitchen which is red.

I am really into things with "initials" 
Grabbed these knobs for .80 cents each.
If you've ever shopped for knobs you know they can be really expensive.
They fit perfectly on my bathroom cabinent.

Purchased this neat little picture for my bathroom. 
 I love the old style knob.

Bought this for hubby. He loves these chef's. 
He has quite a few of these chef items in our kitchen. 
When I got married I had to mix chef's with
my beloved gingerbread men.  HAH 
His & Her kitchen

After we left Hobby Lobby we decided to drive home and head to
Freehold NJ for dinner. 

Freehold is a nice town.
They have a great Main Street with lots of restaurants.

We have been wanting to try Texas Mexican Restaurant.

It was really good. 

Hubby had his seafood of course

And me again having to watch salt  - decided my best
bet would be fajitas.  Lots of veggies, chicken and shrimp.
Rice and beans.

I did have about 3 of these - fortunately they did not have salt. 

We had a wonderful day and Hubby enjoyed his birthday ! 

When he came home he opened his present.

He loves these folks !

So I got him the complete series !

Thank you Gar for sharing your special day with me.
For taking me to my favorite store on YOUR birthday.
Thanks for being so patient while a cruise every
single isle, some more then once.

Looking so forward to another year with you.

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