Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stress Test & Faithfulness of God

I had this kind of week

Not the kind you want to have when you have to go to your

Cardiologist that is !

Here is he - he is so nice

It was my annual check up but my blood pressure was up

So Dr Sayan decided it was time for a stress test.

Okay being a women with anixety and PSVT -
the thought of this certainly did not do
much to "lower" my blood pressure. hah

But God is sooooo faithful.

My sweet hubby was so kind to leave work early and drive me.
(Normally I go alone and it never bothers me, but this one I needed his support)

I had my prayer warrior's all lifting me before His throne

And thanks be to God - I survived. 
I told the lady how nervous and fearful I felt.
She said she could tell my pulse was hugh and
 they hadn't even turned on the treadmill hah 
What I had was called an exercise stress test.
To see how my heart and blood pressure respond to exercise. 
Well she felt I did very well.

Sounds like I am free to do this:

I go in two week back to Dr Sayan for his final results
but I feel good that the news will be good.

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