Saturday, February 11, 2012

Raspberry Linzor Hearts

We are having a bake sale at church tomorrow.
A fundraiser to help with church bills.
Yes the economy is hurting our church body as well.
We are also giving 1/2 the proceeds to sponsor our
youth so they can go see Castings Crowns in concert.

We have so many talented ladies who make
 the most amazing baked goods.
I am always a bit nervous with my attempts
since I am a new cook/baker.

While these are photos off the Internet we have
had very similar items in past sales.


I wanted to attempt something a bit challenging and for valentines.
I found a recipe for Raspberry Linzor Hearts. But I wasn't sure I could
handle it.  I read it over a few times over a few weeks trying to decide.
Today was the day I was to purchase my ingredients after doing our
laundry. So I am at the Laundromat and I remember I didn't write
down my ingredients and today is the day I need to bake.
I decide forget it, I won't make anything difficult, I'll make my
usual brownies etc  . . .  So I'm reading a magazine my husband
gave me at the Laundromat and would you believe there is another
recipe for Raspberry Linzor Hearts !  Was God trying to tell me
something or what? hah  So there you go, I made up my list
at the Laundromat and headed home. 

Here they are !    Not too bad for a beginner . . .

We'll, see if they sell ; )

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