Saturday, July 23, 2011

July Heat Wave

What should you do in July during a heat wave?  Today 95, feels like 110, hot, sticky, humid, just plain yucky !   Enjoy yourself inside of course . . .

First breakfast at JB's Diner in Freehold, NJ.  A great 50's style diner.  Wonderful food, inexpensive and fun !  Hubby's favorite NJ diner.

 Then a little shopping at Wal*mart.  They are having amazing sales on school supplies. Not that hubby or I are in school but I do love myself some school supplies. hah  .20 cents for notebooks.  Hubby got himself 5 red ones. His favorite color. He likes to write lists.  He can go to town with these.  I love all things PINK.
So I got myself some PINK notebooks, pink calendars, pens and a PINK flowered ruler.

Next off to the Christmas Tree Shop.  Oh the joy!  What inexpensive treasures you can find here.
They always have fun stuff monogramed. I love monogramed items.  Found a huge PINK "M" to hang
in my office. 

Off to Kohl's -  $10.00 off coupon from a generous co-worker, plus 15% off entire day . . . had a blast!
Found a nice pair of shoes for work and hubby a pair of shorts . . .

All this shopping can make a girl thirsty.  So off to McDonalds for a cold one !  Fought the urge for fries and mcnuggets - Dr not real happy with this girls cholesteral . . . working on that . . . ; )

Finish of July Heat Wave Saturday with a nice relaxing dinner at OutBack ! . . . Two blocks from home . . .

July Heat Wave you don't bother me  . . .

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