Saturday, July 30, 2011

Super Saturday

Busy Saturday  . . .  always like to start the day off with a good breakfast.  Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, especially on Saturday am.  It's just a time for hubby and I to slow down, relax together and EXHALE.  Hubby loves Perkins new potatoes.  I like that you get a full craft of coffee. 

But you have to get your work done too! hah  Off to the laundromat. We go early and we meet the same folks there every week.  A dear dear man named Lionel is just so sweet. We look forward to seeing him each time we go.  A good time to catch up on my Danielle Steel reading also hah

Oh my goodness, I am a freak about having a clean car. Not so much on the outside but for sure on the inside. Since we have one car now, hubby does almost all the driving and he doesn't have the same interest in keeping it tidy.  So today was the day for me to clean it up.  It is dusted, vacuumed and looks good ! AAH
 Now for some fun!  Today is Super Saturday on QVC.  Top designers come to the Hampton's in NY. Everything is sold for 1/2 off and the full price of the sale goes to Ovarian Cancer Research. A great cause.
Things sell out so quickly on the air. It is on for 2 hours. You have to jump on your computer to catch an item often times.  I told hubby I'd love to go next year to the event. It looks like such a blast. All the colorful umbrellas and the deals. Kim & Kelly have been doing commercials on QVC to advertise the advent.
I was teasing hubby because his Mom's maiden name is Kardashian.  I kept saying why didn't cousin Kim invite us?  hah 

The QVC TV portion was hosted by Lisa Robertson  . . . she's a sweet host.

I was able to quickly grab the below Issac Mizrahi cross shoulder bag.  1/2 off !   yippee
It is a beautiful soft pumpkin color leather.  It also comes with a beautiful scarf. You can't beat the price and so happy to help the cause.  Pumpkin is great for FALL . . . my favorite time of year ! ! !

Okay hubby has to have some fun today too, we are heading to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner.
Hubby has to have his seafood.  We didn't know we had one only 1/2 hour drive away.
Oh my, guess I will be a regular at Joe's.

It sure has been a Super Saturday . . .now when do I rest ?

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