Sunday, July 3, 2011

Solomon David Wagner Azarian best boy ever!

08/05/1997 - 07/03/2011  

Sent my boy into the arms of Jesus today . . . very hard but the Lord gave me great peace. I prayed that when the time came I would know that he was very ill and that sending him to Jesus was better than keeping him  here . . . I knew without any doubt it was time.

Heaven is that much sweeter to me . . .soon & very soon . . . wait for me by Jesus Sollie . . .


  1. I follow your blog and this broke my heart. Dogs are such a big part of our families... God bless,
    Alayna in Arkansas

  2. So sorry about Solomon. His symptoms sounded just like what did my two Westies in! And they were 14 years old too. We still miss Buddy and Kramer and talk about them alot!!

    There is not a finer pet than a Westie, hands down!! Sorry for your loss Maryellen but you can't stand to see them suffer either.

    Blessings to you!