Monday, October 24, 2011

52 years !

Can't believe I am 52. Where does the time go? So much to be thankful for.

Always have had a warm bed to sleep in all these 52 years.
Always a roof over my head.
Always a job & car to get me there.
Good health - 52 and I've never spent 1 hour in a hosptial bed.
Have had wonderful family & friends
Childhood friends for over 45 years & still in my life
A wonderful Godly husband
A precious little doggie for 14 of those years . . .and now a treasure in Heaven waiting for me
A precious, precious faith and belief in Jesus
Many blessed church families as my life has journeyed and taken me from place to place.
There have been hard times, good times, fun times, awesome times,
God has been faithful through it all

When I think that this tiny tiny premie was not suppose to live. Sent home back in 1959 to die.  But the Lord had other plans and a grandmother who fattened me up had other plans also. hah
Okay she may have "over-plumbed" me a bit but it sure worked. hah

When I think back over these 52 years I am filled with gratitude - I am a rich, rich women.

I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.
Psalm 69:30

Beautiful flowers from my hubby for my birthday !  And tickets to see Harry Connick Jr on broadway in On A Clear Day You Can See Forever.

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  1. Happy Birthday Maryellen. How sweet that hubby got you tickets to see Harry Connick jr. in "On A Clear Day!" That is so awesome!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your blessings! I know God wants us to count our many blessings...and to tell of His faithfulness.