Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cold & Snowy Day - Oct 29th ?

What a surprise !  A snow day on Oct 29th.   After early morning errands and a nice breakfast with my hubby we came home to snuggle in.  You can hear the ice hitting our windows and the wind is really howling. So thankful for a warm apartment with heat.

Decided to have some fun and update my blog. I found a background of peonies. I love peonies. They are my favorite flower. I had them as my wedding bouquet. I still have it. It was made of silk flowers so I have it as a keepsake forever.

I remember a few weeks before we got married hubby to be took me to upstate New York and we went to a huge flea market. It covered the whole town. I happened upon a booth that was selling handmade totes.  Sure enough I see one of peony material. I was so excited, just new it was God shining His amazing favor down on me.  Here is a photo of my find. I still love it to this day and use it for my bible study books.

My Auntie who lives next door has peonies in her yard. Every year I can't wait for them to bloom.
When my Sollie was still with us, he would walk right in the middle of Aunties flowers and get himself in a bit of trouble.  He was so nosey he had to see just what Auntie was doing. She always blesses me with two bright pink (my favorite color) peonies for our apartment once they bloom.

Here are a few photo's of peonies to brighten up this cold snowy day !

Don't they look like big PINK snowballs !

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