Saturday, October 22, 2011

Multiple Celebrations !

Had a blessed day in Cold Springs NY.  Met my mother-in-law Mary, sister-in-law Linda, Cousins-in-laws Mitch & Donna, Adrianne (her hubby Chris had to work).  We ate lunch at Cold Springs Depot Restaurant.  Hubby and I got there about an hour early and took a walk to the Hudson River and the mountain view was beautiful with the trees.  We were celebrating several wedding anniversaries that are in October. Donna & Mitch 21 years, Adrianne & Chris 27 years, Gar & I  4 years, four birthdays, Donna, Adrianne, Mary & me - all in Oct. 

My mother-in-laws birthday is the day after mine Oct 25th and her name is Mary and I'm Maryellen.
Amazing how God works things out.

Here are several photos from our day.   The photos don't do the foliage justice.

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  1. Happy Anniversary...and Happy Birthday!

    So glad so many of you could gather and celebrate everyone's special days!

    It looked like a beautiful place to meet up.

    Families are a true blessing from God. And I am glad you got to be together with the special people in your life.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits