Saturday, July 13, 2013

Busy Few Days - donated my wedding gown. Mailed it off on Friday. Feel so blessed to be able to have it used for such precious ones as these. This dear lady makes burial gowns for parents who face the death of their baby at birth, whether through still birth or miscarriage. Life at any stage is precious and should be recognized.  She said it is almost unbearable for a parent who just learned they lost their baby to have to go out and shop for a burial outfit. This way the hospital will have them on hand.

Sorry there are so many photos
I wanted to have them for memories.

I am very excited because I took off some of
the lace and am having a bracelet made.
I found it on Etsy and thought it was so great.
I chose the champagne color like this one
Oh I can hardly wait to receive it.

Friday night we had a covered dish
for my ladies bible study.
I made cucumber, snow pea & onion salad.
It was pretty good it had sour creme and dill.
My Aunt Rose made these delicious
zucchini squares. They were really good.
Lillian brought a bucket of chicken
Pat brought delicious homemade
macaroni salad.

Marianne brought a ham sub. 
New Jersey has the best subs !
Michelle who is our host home,
made rice pudding. I don't like it
but all the ladies love it.
This morning we had a send off
breakfast for two dear, dear
friends from church.
Tony & Anita
They are so precious and we are
going to miss them so much.
Tony served on the men's ministry
and was our resident chef!
 Anita is a teacher and she served
in preschool Sunday School.
They have retired and are
heading down to Florida.
They got married not too long
after Gary and I did.
In speaking with them they are both so excited
to be retiring from their jobs and having the
opportunity and time to serve God full time.
Tony is a dynamic evangelist and is ready to
put his effort full time into leading folks to Christ.
And Anita can't wait to get back in there in their
new church and teach the children about Jesus.

You can see how much fun they are too.

There is something so precious to me when
I see a man singing and praising the Lord.
Well, Tony would have the JOY of the Lord
all over him. I would see him dancing and raising
his hands in worship. It would make me tear up
every Sunday. I am so going to miss seeing that.

We also went to a Lobster Fest in Bradley Beach.
A town not far from us.  It was nice to see
so many folks on the beach and the boardwalk
after hurricane Sandy.
We are STRONGER than the storm for sure.
Here's my hubby checking out the crafts
He found a Flintstones photo that he loved.
It is hard to find Flintstones items now and
we were excited he found some.
The beach was looking beautiful today.

They have a really nice miniature golf course.

Me and my Mom, Lori
Hubby, Gar and I

Mom and Gar (mother-in-law & son-in-law) hah

Then it was time to select something to eat.
So many booths and choices.
Gar and Mom having a hard time deciding.

I am learning to enjoy seafood since my marriage.
My hubby eats practically all seafood.
Today I had my first lobster roll.  It was good.
Mom chose fried scallops
Then she bought one of these fried
stuff banana's for take out.
She is too much!
 So it was quite a busy week.

Thankful for opportunities to serve,
wonderful Christian friends and
fun times with family.


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