Sunday, July 7, 2013


I feel like we just had VBS and it is here again.
This year they are having it during the week at night.
So I am not able to attend with my job.
But my husband has volunteered.

This year our theme is:

Today we stayed after service to help
setup and decorate our Sunday school area.
Hubby and I set up the felt boards to look
like camping. We had to use the items we
had most were bible figures so those were out.
We did find trees and birds and some raccoons.
They set up a ton of these fake
Christmas trees - makes it
look like they are in a forest.
This little owl is everywhere !

They built a real cute campsite inside.
It has a tent, fire, sleeping bags - just adorable.

Since it will be held indoors we can't
have any of these:

But I hear they we be having smores !

I know the children and going to love it !

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