Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Has Arrived @ The Azarian's

Christmas has arrived !

How To Save a Marriage at Christmas? hah
Hubby and I both wanted different trees this year.
So the Azarian'snow have two trees ! hah
My tree in my office ~ fake shabby chic

Hubby's tree in the living room
Real table top!

My Byers Choice collection.
Hubby and I are going there next Saturday, can't wait
It has become a tradition for us.
Byer's Choice polar bear & chef but the other two are not Byers Choice
They are very special to me ~ hubby got them for me on our first Christmas.
He is very observant he noticed I liked these type of dolls.

Our little fireplace from QVC
This little thing is great it gives off nice heat too.

Our Christmas Village

Our Nativity

A couple of crafts I made from Pinterest
The snow ball jar and the snow ball hat.

Larger shot of living room.

Looking forward to enjoying each minute of
December this year !

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