Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oops ~ Lesson's Learned

I have been dying for homemade beef stew.
Only once did I see it on a menu at a diner
in NYC. I ordered it and it was so good.
I've never seen it since.

I am not an experienced cook at all.
I prefer baking because you can follow
a recipe and things work out.

So I decided to give this a try and make
the stew. I googled a recipe and it had
rave reviews.

I purchased all the ingredients and was
planning to make it after I decorated our
apt on black Friday.

As I was making it, I noticed it called for
a tbsp of pepper. I thought that seemed like
a lot but I figured what do I know ~ I am
not real confident in my cooking abilities.
I debated and debated as my gut told me
that was too much.  But not having much
confidence in my abilities I ignored y gut &
I followed the recipe and added the full tablespoon.
Well, the whole time my stew is cooking
all I can smell is pepper. I'm thinking
I guess it is okay - I checked and double
checked the recipe.

I make delicious biscuits to have along with it.

I was really exhausted from cleaning & decorating
the apt and making the stew.  Hubby comes
home from work and I am so excited to
present him with a nice warm dinner.

Here's a photo doesn't it look delicious?

Well, we bite into the stew and HOLY COW
it is so hot with pepper. Way too much !
UGH I was so disappointed but I learned
a huge lesson.  Go with your gut.

My aunt Linda explained to me that regardless of
what the recipe calls for she leaves the salt and
pepper to the end and tastes it first.

You can believe I will do that next time ; )

We almost had to call the fire dept to put
our lips out of the flames hah hah

Hot stew anyone? 

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