Sunday, November 3, 2013

Family Trip to Lancaster PA

Hubby and I took an overnight trip
to Lancaster PA with my Mom and Aunt Rose.

We had a blast !

We shopped and ate until my legs hurt.
Oh this would have been so nice !

Every trip to Lancaster starts with breakfast at
Cracker Barrel.

My Aunt's car was being repaired so my
Uncle was kind enough to let us take his truck.
We'll it is quite big and tall.
So I brought along my little step stool and
hubby had to be prince charming and
patiently wait for me to load in the truck
before he could pickup the stool hah
God bless him !
(my Mom even took a few turns)
We started out at Kitchen Kettle Village.
As soon as we got to Kitchen Kettle
We were parked next to a lady with a
Westie !  Chloe ~ so sweet
 Mom having a little fun with Yummie.
The weather was just perfect.
Beautiful cool autumn day !
We especially love the Jam and Relish Kitchen.
Everyone loaded up on our favorites and
sampled our way through the store.
My gosh we were stuffed by the time we left.
Hubby loves the sampler package of jelly.
Look what I found ~  oh my gosh !
Taste's like Reese's peanut butter cups !
Then we headed to the Bird In Hand Farmers Market

More food !   Everything from meats, cheeses,
vegetables, candy, pretzels, crafts, nuts etc . . .
Left the market and checked into our hotel.
Then off to shop at the outlets.
First Rockvale
This one has many of my favorite stores like
QVC, Totes and Cape Cod Crafters.
It also has my hubby's favorite store Vanity Fair.
My mom went crazy in both VF and QVC.
She scored some really nice sneakers for a steal.
QVC had 70% off discounted price plus an
additional 10%. 
Ryka sneakers are so comfortable.
They are made by women for women.
I scored some awesome sales myself:
Quacker Factory Dream Jeans

Quaker Factory Black Jeweled Jacket

Denim and Company brown tee.

All of the above for $ 29.00
Oh yes !
Then my Mom found me a
pretty peach colored
jacket that looks very much
like this one.
I also found a Joan Rivers watch
for 70% plus 10% off.
I love her watches and have a few of them.
Mine is this style but tan band with an olive face.
Even my hubby found  a great deal at QVC.
He purchased this Smart Mist Humidifier.
To be honest I think it is a gift for me hah
He is hoping and praying this will "cure"
my snoring!   Poor Guy.
Breathe Right, Vicks and a Nose Machine
haven't helped. UGH
If you hear we are getting divorced you can
believe it will have something to do with
SNORING ! hah hah  again I say Poor Guy
Then it was time for dinner. We decided on
Red Lobster. The 4 course meal is quite a deal.
1st Course ~ Potato Soup

2nd Course ~ salad


Awesome Cheese Biscuits
Speaking of these biscuits saw this sign in one of the
stores:  Butter my butt and call me a biscuit : )
You just have to love the South.

3rd Course ~ Mom and I bought had the shrimp &
scallop linguine.
 4th Course ~  Key Lime Pie

After dinner we had a few more stops.
My Aunt needed some Christmas gifts at the
Cooking store. I found these cute gingerbread
measuring spoons.  My kitchen is decorated
in gingerbread so these will match really well.
Speaking of Gingerbread how cute is this
little fellow I found?
The next morning I was up early and took a
walk outside. It was a beautiful morning.
The sun was out bright and you could smell
the fireplaces in the area.
Feels like you can see for miles . . .

The autumn foliage was awesome!

We enjoyed breakfast at Jennie's Diner.
A cute little tiny diner with great food.
We had to kill time before the outlets opened so we
stopped at one of the Amish shops.
I purchased this neat little sign.
Reminds me of my blog.
Today was our day to go to my Aunt's favorite outlets.
Tanger ~ we teased her that these were the 
highfalutin stores. hah
Hubby found his shoes he's been searching for and
also found a great sale at Timberland.
No trip to the outlets can be complete without
Harry & David and Yankee Candle

I also found this great little pocketbook at one
of the Country Stores
I love Totes in the outlets.
I was so sad to learn they are closing
all their outlets stores and only
selling through department stores.
This way they save money on having
no employees to pay. Sign of the
times I guess.
They had great sales and I was able
to get a ton of stuff including
these neat slippers
I wanted a black totes rain coat to go with my
animal print rain hat, boots and umbrella.

Then we headed home after some delicious pizza
at a local restaurant. We all chose personal
pan pizza's so we could select our own toppings.
It was a really fun weekend ~ we had a lot of
laughs and fun !
Probably one of the best laughs was when we
arrived home. We pull in to my Mom's
apartment and my brother Bob has his porch
decorated for Christmas. Oh yes, we are
talking Santa, Christmas trees and lights.
My Mom was a riot, she said, "How long
have we been gone?" When we left it was
Halloween and now it is Christmas" ?  ha ha
Oh my gosh we all nearly died laughing.
Bob you are too much ! HO HO HO
When my Aunt dropped hubby and I off
we told her "Merry Christmas" hah hah
Just have to love my family !

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