Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Today I am going to try to LINK UP
to 5 on Friday. I'm not super
skilled at the processes in blog land
but hopefully I will LINK ; )



So thankful for a hubby who does things
"just because". I arrived home from work yesterday
to find beautiful white roses.


Tonight I facilitate a bible study with my lady friends.
We've met for about 30 years now.  Christian sisters
are such a blessing!

I was blessed with a vacation day from work so I
did some baking.  Sour Creme Apple Squares ~
oh the house smells awesome !  Nothing like
cinnamon and apples.


Tomorrow hubby and I are going to see
The Christmas Candle movie.
I can't wait . . . we vacationed in Texas a month or so
ago and Max Lucado was visiting the church we
attended that Sunday. It was exciting and a real treat.


Last night I had a dream about my sweet
doggie Solomon who is in Heaven.
I miss him everyday. He has been gone 3 years.
I dreamt he was sleeping right against my
back like he use to and when I woke up
I could almost feel him there. I had to do
a double take to make sure.  I think God
does these things to bring us comfort.
I know it sure brought a smile to my face.

 Here he is sitting in his favorite spot on our stoop.
We spent countless hours in this spot.


The study I am facilitating is this one:

I am learning so much about "thankfulness"
and finding reason in the smallest details.
It is a wonderful study and I highly recommend it.
If you haven't done it ~ you should.

There's my FIVE !

Hope you all have an Abundantly Blessed weekend.


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  1. so sweet about your just because flowers!!! bless. and what a blessing that you had a dream about solomon!! makes me wish i could dream about our first pup tonight!! sometimes i call moments like that "God winks"'s like God is just looking down and winking at us. love that. xx