Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day ~ CitiField Trip

Hubby found a deal at Dunkin Donuts
for buy one get one free tickets to see the Mets.
We are not real baseball fans so Yankees or Mets
are fine with us.  No loyalty here.

He gave it a try and we scored some
nice inexpensive tickets !

But it seemed everything was against us HAH

On the way home from NYC on Sunday night hubby
said, can we buy ink for our printer because I need
to print some resumes.  So we stop at:

Now I am mid-fifty and hubby is early sixties
so neither of us can remember what number
toner we need.
We think and think and swear we need  # 60.
So I purchase two of these:
We get home and I get ready to replace the toner
and guess what - we need a 61.  Now it is late, I
am exhausted from walking my 10,000 step on the
Hi Line so I figure okay, I'll take it back and get what
I need this coming week. Hubby agrees he can wait.

Hubby goes to sleep and I am at my computer.

I'm preparing for the next day, Monday Memorial Day
because I am A-Type Personality and we are like that HAH.
I decide to check the tickets hubby got because
he said we pick them up at the stadium and he put a
receipt in our coupon box.

I pull out the receipt and it reads, 


This is not your ticket. 

No admittance without printed ticket ! !!! 

Well guess who has no ink in her printer and it is 11 at night???

Okay, don't panic.  I go into Gar's laptop praying he didn't
delete the email from April so we can figure out how to print the tickets.

Yippee !  emailed saved. 

So being the smart women I am, I forward the email to
Aunt Rose so I can hot foot it over to her house
early in the AM and use her printer -  Problem solved!

Morning arrives, I call Aunt Rose and she says, sure come over
we'll be at breakfast but you can use my laptop and printer.
She gives me her info and over I go.  She has Windows 10 which I
hate and she tells me look for the BAR and go
into her gmail account.  

1 hour later and this girl sees no BAR and
no Aunt Rose email account?  UGH  

But wait, I find it.  I find my forwarded email I
sent her from Gar's laptop.  We are almost there.  I hit PRINT.
I hear paper coming out.   METS here we come!   ON NO!  wait
what do I see - header printed then blank white sheet. 


Okay don't panic - plan B  -  Gar check what time Staples opens.
Gar says,  8 am it says on line.  Great we'll head off exchange
the toner run home and print the tickets. 

Off to Staples

I see cars good sign.  Out I run, hit the door,
man says, Sorry we don't open until 10 AM?  WHAAAAAT

Okay Plan C - Target yes Target they are always open.

Off we go  Oh Lord please let them have toner and be open.

Yes -  we pick up the below:  # 61

Run home and PRINT the tickets - success !
We are on our way, what can go wrong now ?  Woo Hoo

We head up the turnpike to park in the Secaucus Park
and Train lot.  You can normally park very cheaply and
take the NJ Transit 1 stop to Penn Station.

We get lost. We cannot find the darn entrance to the lot.
Around and around we go.  This never happens to us.

Finally Gar says, that's it we'll drive into NYC and find a
parking spot near Penn Station.  off we go to the Lincoln

We arrive in NYC and it is about 11 am - we are starving,
didn't have breakfast as plans got delayed with all the
challenges ~  oh yes, that is what I'll call them

The Lord provides an awesome parking spot about 3 blocks
from Penn Station and 2 blocks from one of our favorite
NYC Diners.

After a great breakfast we are off to Penn Station to
hop on the LIRR to head to Citifield.  I can feel it
we are going to make it !

2 blocks, probably about 1,000 steps up and down to get
to the train.  I am  seated on the LLIR !  

2 stops and off the train probably 1,000 more
steps and I am in front of Citifield !  - never give up !

Tom Seaver - I remember him

Mike Piazza

Very impressed with the stadium.  They are so different
from when I was a child.  You name it for food you can find
it there. 

Nice Hall of Fame Museum - free

Casey Stengel

Tug McGraw -  Tim McGraw's Dad

Gary Carter - great guy

Keith Hernandez almost more famous from his
episodes on Seinfeld. hah

 1969 and 1986 World Champions

Keith Hernandez golden glove

We had great seats - under the deck above us.
No sun shining on our heads.  Was this girl happy or what!
Oh thank you Lord !   Nice cool breeze. 
Couldn't ask for better. 

A nice elderly couple next to us who loved to eat. 
Bless them they didn't miss much.
Subs, peanuts, ice cream.  God Bless them. I could tell
the husband was so into the game. He had a scorecard and
was marking down every pitch, strike etc . . .  Wife leans
over to me and says, Mets can't hit a barn door. hah
So cute they were.

Gar loved the BIG APPLE - once a New Yorker always
a New Yorker.

 A bit blurry but they had every branch of the military
present.  Since it was Memorial Day and Fleet Week it
was so great to see so many of our young man and women
in uniform at the stadium.  I love the sailors uniforms.
I cried through all the patriotic stuff.  So moving.

Got this off internet.

They had military paratroopers   - so cool

Awesome shadow on the field as they are coming in for
their landing.

Incredible the height they jumped from and landed
spot on in the center of the field.

Helicopter they jumped from.

My hot dog man !   Best part of baseball is having a
Nathans hot dog !   hah
Nathan's hot dog ~ makes the million steps and challenges
to get here so worth it hah
Gar deciding what he wants to eat.

No hot dog for this guy.  He can find a fish joint no
matter where he goes.  He loves his seafood.
Lobster roll for Gar !

Walking all around the Stadium. 

Gar has a hard time sitting, me on the other hand can
sit for an eternity with no problem. hah

So Gar set off to explore the stadium.  I was watching
the game and had to take a ladies room break.
I come back to my seat and a handsome young guy dressed
in a nice suit is sitting in my seat.  I tell him that it is my
seat and he jumps up apologizing.  I tell him, no worries,
go ahead and sit in my husbands seat he is walking around.

Now Gar comes back and sees me sitting with this guy.
Hysterical.  He says,  Gee I leave for a few minutes and
you pickup a young guy!  hah hah  really hysterical.
Guess the girl still has it  hah

METS WIN !   6 - 3   we got to see 3 home runs too!

Glad we persisted and didn't give up.

Oh and almost forgot - met my personal challenge
to make 10,000 steps for all 3 days of this weekend.
WOO HOO  (yikes my legs and feet feel it )
heading back to "work" to "rest"   HAH

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  1. long time lurker:) you are really looking great. I need to break down and get a fit bit!