Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ocean Grove Flea Market

Hubby, Mom, Aunt Rose and I
went to the Ocean Grove Flea
market today.

Aunt Rose and I before we met up with Mom.

There was a nice cool breeze
off the ocean today.

Picked up a nice Cowboys clock for
my desk at work.

Beautiful flowers along the way.

Then we headed to Hobby Lobby
for some shopping.

Found these two great buys in the
60% off rack.

Then dinner at Golden Corral.

Yikes  - hard place to diet hah

I did pretty well though. I did treat myself
to some chocolate ice cream and a small brownie.
Oh it tasted so good when I have been so restricted
since Palm Sunday.

To top it off I realized at Hobby Lobby after
walking around for an hour that my FITBIT had
turned to sleep mode.  OH NO!   no steps being

I came home and walked up and down,
up and down my street

 like a crazy women until
waaaa lalllll   10,000 steps.

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