Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Hubby took me to Bronxville NY today.
I told him I wanted a nice pretty place
we can walk. I am really focused on
exercise since I have my FITBIT.

We walked at this beautiful park.

It was so lovely.  Stuck in right there next to the
Bronx River Parkway yet so peaceful.

Isn't this tree glorious. I love dogwood trees and
of course PINK ones.

This beautiful church was completely circled in
tulips.  Felt like I was in Holland.

The water was so pretty.

I love the smell of lilac's and they remind me of
my sweet Sara who always had them in her house
when I was a child. 

The Bronxville waterfall.

Don't let this peaceful scene fool you.  Gar was sprinting
after a man who left his cell phone on the bench.
61 years old and he can still move !  hah

Hubby really doesn't like to be in photos (which makes
me sad) I try not to press him or nag but occasionally I
can convince him.  

He looks great too !

Then we went and had dinner at Piper's Kilt. I love this place.
Gar use to take me here often when we dated.


They are known for their hamburgers and they are so good!
Look no bread ~ walked my legs off wasn't about to blow it
with unnecessary carbs !  hah

Then it was time to head home.   See George in the view?
If this blog had sound you may be able to hear my hubby
crying.  You know ~ leaving NY for Jersey ! hah

Hello George yes it is the Azarian's again just crossing over.

Thanks hubby for a lovely day !  

7,355 steps so far !

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