Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jersey Girl

We pass this billboard on the way to church every Sunday.
Just makes me laugh.
Jersey girls like BIG hair also HAH

My friend lives in Pennsylvania but she is a die hard Jersey girl.
She sends me all these Jersey Girl facebook posts.

The Garden State Parkway is "our" road.

When you live in New Jersey you ask,
"What exit"?  And everyone knows what you mean hah

Of course we love Bon Jovi !

Never lived outside of  New Jersey but I
imagine this must be true. hah

This is definitely a New Jersey thing.
Yum it is so good.
You haven't lived until you've had a
Taylor Ham or Pork Roll sandwich.

I would say this is most likely true hah

Love this one HAH

And of course our famous Tillie
Down in Asbury Park NJ
Can't leave out these lyrics from Bruce Springsteen !

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