Saturday, August 11, 2012

My hubby and I went to the NJ State Fair -  
Sussex County today.
We went with our dear friends Steve, Simone & Chris.

It is about 2 hours north of our house.
I took this from the car as we were approaching the fair grounds.
It really is beautiful.

Here we go !

Here are a few photos of the grounds.

Cinderella's carriage . . .

What are these guys laughing at? hah
Chris, Hubby Gar, Me and Steve
(Simone was our photographer)

Gary and me

Here's a group shot, Simone made this one too !

All my "guys" have their eyes closed.
No one told me it was time to pray. HAH

The food !
Oh my goodness.
All healthy right ? HAH

Look at these funnel cakes.

Loaded with strawberries and
chocolate syrup.

No we didn't eat these,
just took photos hah

How about these!

Don't these look so good?
Tried to convince myself
they are fruit hah
It's an apple isn't it?

This smelled so good.

Here are a few of the events we saw.
These amazing trapeze artists.

The most adorable pig races.
They are motivated to race
by knowing an "Oreo" cookie
is at the end for the winner. hah

Can you see them on the top
getting ready to jump in the pool?

Here's a close up.

Here they are racing.
Poor little guy in blue came in last.

But he never gave up.

Here's 2 photo's from the Internet.
You can see them better.
So cute.

We saw the guy who does the carving with a chain saw.
To think he starts with just a huge block of wood.

And when he is finished - wow

Aren't they amazing.
The detail he is able to achieve
with that saw is remarkable.

We saw all the 4-H animals. So fun.
I was a 4-H girl when I was a teenager.
I did cooking and sewing.
I still have my ribbons.

The bunnies - precious

The roosters . . .

 Alpaca's . . .
Huge steer . . .
Sweet goats . . .

Can't forget the piggies . . .

Baby goat . . .

Baby chicks . . .

Shopping areas

 Oh the quilts - so beautiful

They had a large train set.
My husband still loves trains.

I got a kick out of the NJ Transit.
Looks exactly like our real train.

Award winning cupcakes.

Replica of historic kitchen.

Old farm equipment

A little Christian book store

1 Chronicles 16:34
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

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