Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kailyn Marie is ONE !

This sweet girl is my nephew Robert's baby.
She is just precious.
She turned one and we were invited to her birthday celebration !

She has the most beautiful blue eyes.

She was all dressed up for her party.



Here she is with her great grand mom, my mother Lori

Here's my Mom and Aunt having some "sisterly" fun HAH

Here is big brother Lucas.
This boy is fearless.
He is only 3 years old and jumps right in.

Here I am with my sister, Linda.  She is Kailyn & Lucas's Grand mom.

Here's the birthday girl with her brother.

Two little cuties.

Nice to get together with family.

It was a blessed time.

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  1. Oh how fun to see pics of you with those you love! I soooo wish we had a pool. So many memories are centered around swim-time.

    I met my hubby at college. Thanks for the nod about us being 'talented'. To tell you the truth everything we know today we've learned in our nearly 34 years of marriage. It's been a fun ride.

    Thank you sooo much for visiting and your sweet words. They made my day!