Saturday, September 15, 2012

Charles Dickens 200th Birthday Celebration 1812-2012

Hubby and I headed off to Byers Choice in Chalfont PA
They were having a celebration !
Charles Dicken's 200th Birthday Celebration !

We arrived !

Hubby takes me every year. I love this place.

Even the grounds & statues are ready for the celebration !


So many fun activities.

The staff was in the spirit of things . . .


Shopping areas . . .



Here I am by an old bread cart

We got to take a tour of the factory floor where the dolls are made.
They are made by hand. It is truly amazing.

Do you believe this is how they start out?

 Then the heads are added

On to wardrobe

This gal is dressing the dolls.


This lady has worked there 20 years.
She dresses 80 dolls per day

Her finished product - so beautiful

 Another employee dressing the dolls.
They had a raffle. They handed out free tickets and you put
your name and number and they were going to draw a winner
for a ton of the dolls.

I love this one of Charles Dicken's - I am saving my money
for this one, one day : )

I don't know if you've seen the show
"The Cake Boss" from Hoboken NJ
He made this cake for the event.
It was incredible. You can't appreciate
one of these cakes until you see it live.

Can you believe these are made of cake?

They look so real.

They had The Lucky Cupcake Company there.
They were contestants on "The Food Network
Cupcake Wars Show".

Their cupcakes are beautiful

Hubby and I shared this cupcake.
It was so good.  Chocolate Raspberry filled.

Hubby had to make a phone call hah

How about this adorable couple hah hah

This group of young people sang. They are so terrific.
We heard them last year also.

Through out the building they had period clothes.

Ground breaking shovel's

Gearld Dicken's - Charles Dicken's great, great grandson
was here.  We saw him a couple of years ago doing
"Christmas Carol" play.

Here he is. It is exciting to see him.
I wanted him to sign a book but I couldn't catch up with him.

They also had Magic Lantern Show
Unlacing the Victorian Women
Joseph Fontane a wonderful painter.

Every year we go I purchase one of the dolls.
I have a boy & girl caroler for hubby and I.
He has a elf chef - since he loves cooking
Last year I fell in love with the white polar bear.
But as I look at all the choices I see adorable
dogs but never a Westie like my Solomon.
I have said to my hubby - oh I wish they had
one like Solomon.  Well, guess what I found
this year !

Here he is!  My SOLOMON

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