Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Sunday

Hubby and I headed off to church

I was the principal today.

I was a bit   s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d  . . .

I think menopause and being the principal doesn't match hah

Thankfully I am reading Lysa's TerKeurst book:

I could have easily become unglued a few times : )

After church we chatted with our friends a bit
then headed to upstate New York for a drive.

Hubby was so sweet and said I'll take you to
your favorite store which we don't have in NJ just yet.

Well, the knuckleheads that we are we get to the store
and realize they are closed on SUNDAYS !  hah
We both completely forgot. 

But oh the joy in reading the sign.
 . . . to allow employees time for family and worship ! ! !  

We love it ! ! !

Not to worry, we headed to Kmart and
Burlington Coat Factory.

Hubby found a great deal on Thom McAn sneakers

And I found a really cute top from Jacqueline Smith line.
She was my favorite ANGEL hah
I've always thought she is so beautiful and
she has the perfect match of femininity, toughness and smarts.

I found a great sale on these Laura Ashley
slippers but mine are lime green with pink bows.

After shopping it was time for dinner.
Yum - Cracker Barrel, we don't have one near us
in NJ. So this was a real treat.

Where else can you get all this delicious food for $ 24.00?

But soon it was time to head back home . . .

Do any of you watch the Food network
Great Food Truck Race.

This year they have a team of Jersey Girls YEAH
They are from a town not to far from here.

This is my husbands favorite team
So far they are the team to beat.
They are doing fantastic.

These are the Jersey Girls.
I just have to pull for them.

We have a great time watching these
Food network challenge shows.

It gets very competitive and so do we!
Lysa's book comes in handy at a time like this too! hah

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