Saturday, October 27, 2012

5th Anniversary Weekend

Our 5th wedding anniversary
is today -  10/27/2012.

Our church was having a coffee house
last night and since we live about an hour
away we both decided to take a vacation day
on Friday and head up for an early dinner
then go to the coffee house.
Being our anniversary was the next day
hubby thought it would be
fun to stay overnight near our church so we
can head up early to Sugar Loaf NY for the day.

So Friday night after a delicious dinner
at Charlie Brown's (we love this place, especially
the Handshake Club) unfortunately our local
restaurant closed so we only go once in a while when
up near our church.  We had a $10.00 handshake
coupon from my birthday so makes it even better.
Then after they added our points we were award
two more !  YEAH so we get to visit 2 more times !

Here's a few photo's from our coffee house.

These guys really rocked out !

The next morning after leaving our hotel
we headed to breakfast on the way
to Sugar Loaf NY

Here I am at Cracker Barrel -
the foliage was amazing in
New York.

They had a Fall Breakfast Special. 
Apple Strudel french toast with warm cinnamon syrup.
It was so good.

I like to buy a Christmas ornament every time I go to
Cracker Barrel.  They have such nice ones and
very reasonable. And I like the memories of the day
they preserve.
This time they had the sweetest ornaments of
the Cracker Barrel Rockers.

I purchased one of these adorable baby
dolls for my little cousin, Cara.
Hoping she will love this for Christmas.

This is the one I selected.

After breakfast we were off to Sugar Loaf.
It is an sweet town known for it's crafters
in upstate NY.  I told hubby I wanted to
spend the day there especially since it
was fall and the ride up is spectacular!

Sugar Loaf became a craft center in the 1970s.
It's filled with adorable shops

You walk the streets and visit each craft store.

This old train is a deli and luncheonette

Popular restaurant in town.
We didn't try it but it was pretty busy.

The Candle Shop

Beautiful handmade candles

Simpson Originals -
this store has a ton of Angels.

The owner takes amazing photos of clouds
that appear to be angels. Like the one below.
See the angel?

Into Leather Shop

Country Life I loved this store.
Oh my gosh- I could have just moved in. hah

Sugar Loaf Mountain Herbs

Herb and tea shop
Hubby really enjoys tea.

Sweet hubby, I made him by one of
these filled with loose tea because
I loved the heart shaped tin ! hah

View of one side of the street

This is a neat store
Bliss Co-op
It has unique, handcrafted items
by over 55 local women.

I have a thing for tote bags.
I have far too many.
But just could not resist this one.

This shop is from a local farm.
Luft Garden shop
They make the most unusual
Aren't they beautiful?

I love this soap shop.
All handmade.
Smells so good !

Rosner Soaps

I purchased this soap.
Smells like Douglas Fir
Can't wait to use it for Christmas

Here are random photos of the foliage
It was a very cloudy day due to Hurricane Sandy
heading up the shore. But the photos aren't too bad.

Fall makes me come alive ! 
Just love it . . .

Crazy fun photo of walking in the leaves . . .

I can't believe the size of the leaves
on this tree !  HAH

Hubby loves his "cats" he made a friend immediately.

Our 5th anniversary photo ;)
Turned out well considering I set my
self-timer on the camera for 10 seconds then

After Sugar Loaf we had plans to drive back home via NYC
and eat at Neely's (Pat & Gina's from Food Network)

Hubby and I both could not wait for the BBQ hah

Well, we drove around and around and around . . .
sometimes you just don't find a parking spot in NYC ;(

So we decided to head to our favorite Vietnamese place
and keep Neely's on our list for next visit.
But this time we will be smarter and take Mass Transit HAH

We always order the same things
because they are so darn good. hah

Cha Gio
Vietnamese crispy fried spring rolls
filled w/pork, shrimp, mushroom,
clear noodle, taro root and turnip.
Served with lettuce, fresh herbs and
Nuoc Charm sauce.

Bun Xao
Stir fried soft rice noodle w. shredded
vegetable, egg and crushed peanut,
served w/Nuoc Charm sauce on the side.
Choice of shrimp, chicken, beef or vegetable.

We always get shrimp. 
It is just so good!

I find Vietnamese food much lighter
then Chinese and not as greasy.


My Vows:

 “Don’t try to make me leave you and go back.
Where you go I’ll go.
Where you stay I’ll stay.
Your people will be my people.
Your God will be my God."
Ruth 1:16

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