Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vacation Week

So thankful for a week off work ; )

I enjoy my job but sometimes I just need to "nest"


Since we have been home from our trip to
Baltimore MD this past weekend,
I have been busy working in our home.
I don't get much opportunity to be home
so I wanted to make sure I was productive.

I cleaned out our closets.
Fortunately they were not this bad hah


Got rid of hubbies old iron hangers . . .
Donating them to our laundromat

Replaced them with plastic hangers

Replaced my summer clothes

With my winter clothes

Was able to make some donations to the Red Cross.
The Red Cross was my first job when I was young.
I worked there two summers junior and senior years.
I remember I worked 9 - 3 and made $ 93.00 a week.
I thought I was rich LOL

Needed to replenish my makeup.
Headed to Ulta. I had a coupon.
Never shop without one,
at least I try not to.
I like Ulta but I'm not real happy
with the way they reorganized the store.
They put all the "types" together.
Like all lipsticks, all blushes, all mascara.
I prefer it by manufacturer. Like all Covergirl,
all Loreal', etc . . .
Had a frustrating time finding my normal
stuff since it was not by manufacturer.

Have you tried Vera Wang lipstick?
I love it.
So creamy and makes your lips feel good.
I get it at Kohl's when I have a coupon or Kohl's cash.

I found a real cute Relic handbag too.
Pretty pumpkin color.
Today I organized our pantry.
No, this is not ours hah
But I love it. WOW the room.
Ours is small, just a closet really.

Since it was so organized and I could
actually find and see my baking supplies, I
figured I'd bake something.
This is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares.
A recipe from Martha Stewart.
It is delicious !
Made the apartment smell so good.

I had another blessing this week.
I got an update letter from my little sponsor child.
Gamaya.  Isn't he precious.
My heart melted when I read the update.
His favorite day of the week is Sunday because
he goes to church  . . .
How precious is that?
Sweet, sweet boy.

Tomorrow I am going to tackle one more closet
And spend some time in my home office.
Then Friday will be laundry day and errands.

I have about 20 towels I am going to
drop off at our local SPCA.
They use them for the dogs and cats.
I love to donate to help the animals.
Feels like I am honoring my Solomon doggie
in heaven.

This reminds me that ever since my
doggie went to heaven I have been
finding change. Mostly pennies.
I like to think it is him sending me love ; )
I look for them everywhere I go.
Most days I find some.
I keep them in a special jar -
never to be spent.
Some days when I am missing my doggie
so much   . . . God blesses my heart when I find one !


See here is my jar : )


Looking forward to Saturday in NYC.
It is the Foodnetwork Food & Wine Festival.


We have tickets to see Paula, Jamie & Bobby Dean.


Hubby is also hoping to get a cookbook signed by David from QVC.

And on a serious note:
I just wanted to also ask for prayers for a sweet blogger gal.
Julee Turner and her baby girl Preslee.
Julee's husband Matt was killed in a car accident and today was
his memorial service.  Please add them to your prayer list.
I have been reading Julee's blog for some time and she is a
precious young mom.
Oh what would we do without Jesus? 
So thankful I never have to find out.


This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil Hebrews 6:19

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