Saturday, August 17, 2013

Busy Weekend

Last night we went to a play at our church.
It was really an Opera.
It was called Esther Sweet Esther

It was not at all what I expected but
I enjoyed it. 
Today we did laundry and shopped.
I found a wonderful desk at a great
sale price.
It was $ 139.99 at Kohls.
On sales for $49.99 and I had
$10 kohls cash and a $10 coupon.
So I paid $ 29.99 YEAH
You can't see much of it because of all my
treasures hah
Tonight my hubby's Mom treated us to dinner
in CT.  I know we live in NJ but it is only about
a two hour ride.
So off we went at 2:30 pm
On the ride there we take the NJ Turnpike
Took this shot out my window going 65 hah
But you can see the Freedom Tower which
stands in place of the WTC from 911.

This one is the Empire State Building.

Next thing I new we were in CT
We met at Zody's 19th Hole
The golf course grounds are lovely

This is why my mother-in-law chose this

I never saw so many lobsters coming out
of that kitchen. hah

Then for dessert we went to my hubby's
cousins home. They have a lovely home in CT.
A view of the water and you can see Long Island
from their deck.  Sitting out there watch all the
sail boats go bye . . a girl could get use to that hah
Cousin Harry
His sweet wife Edna

They are both just lovely and fun.
Tomorrow we have church and
a birthday party in the afternoon.
I will need to go back to work to rest hah.

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